Stunning concrete house with pool

Stunning concrete house with pool

I want this.

  • Osama Sarwar

    There seems to be something wrong with this picture. The reflection part.

  • D

    Where is this? I want this too…

    • Murray

      No idea I’m afraid.

  • nic

    Please, do you havy any photo os this house? Tanx

  • nic

    ops, sooy… please, do you have any photo of this house?
    Or the website you found it? Thank you

  • Fi

    Do you know where this house is, who designed it?

  • Nancy

    This is Dama Zamya Villa. It is located at Phang Nga Bay,
    Phuket, Thailand. Architect : John Bulcock, Design Unit Sdn Bhd, Eco-Homes (M) Sdn Bhd (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)