Oh the places you’ll go – poster

Nice planter design too.
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Modern kitchen with wooden art installation

Love this. Art in the kitchen.
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Pandoretta Wireless Sound System

Nifty little integrated amp and speaker box.
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Wooden drinks trolley

A very nice sauce donkey.
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Kook restaurant interior

Find it in Roma, Italy.
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The Musket Room, New York

A New Zealand restaurant in New York.
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The bar at Giant Pixels office

Very cool office bar.
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Pale blue modern apartment interior

This apartment looks perfect.
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Self-standing mirror with curved edges

I like the white edge.
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Spritz bar Grazie in Paris

Spritz bar Grazie in Paris.
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Stainless steel kitchen interior

A stunning kitchen design.
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Airy dining room with bucket chairs

Double volume and natural light.
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Simple kitchen sink and shelves

Perfect setup.
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Herman Miller rocker

Timeless design.
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Orange industrial style desk lamp

Nice office design.
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Clean and white kitchen interior

Nice kitchen.
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Wooden cabin bedroom interior

Cosy cabin.
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Greenhouse bedroom alongside a lake

Interesting room with a view.
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Pots and pans hanging in a kitchen

My type of kitchen.
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Rustic wooden interior of bar or restaurant

Not sure where this is, but looks great.
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View of a bedroom from above

Great photo of a tiny bedroom.

Wooden loft kitchen interior

Nice wood that.
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Eames army green shell chairs

My apartment is longing for these.
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Living room interior with large ceiling bulbs

Interesting lighting.

Slick geometric bedroom table and headboard design

That side table is gorgeous. Wonder where it's from?
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Kitchen and lounge studio interior

Love that compact kitchen and lounge setup.
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Matto bar and restaurant interior, Shanghai

Cool looking interior I must say.
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Rustic office interior with window

Not really a full on office but still nice.
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Lo Studio in Pistoia, Italy

I'll be staying here at Lo Studio B&B in November. Cannot effing wait.
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Indoor kitchen interior with outside plunge pool

I want everything in this picture. House in Observatory, Cape Town.

Outside table and chair with foliage

Old textures and living things.
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White and steel interior shot of a kitchen

Liking this. Nice and clean kitchen.
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