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Path to the beach

Looks like Sao Paulo.
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Black fixie with sunset in the background

Nice bike and cool shot.
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Silhouetted surfer getting air

Awesome twilight colours.
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A beach sunset

Great colours
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Positano, Amalfi Coast, Italy

Positano village, Italy.

Surfer getting some air

Nice colours.
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A busy airport with sunset in the background

I'm on the jets next month.
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Sunset and palm tree tilt-shift

I'm a sucker for some fancy blurring.
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Sunset between buildings doing manhattanhenge

The awesome Manhattanhenge. Via Flickr

Surfboarding hovering over a wave

Awesome single-fin board and photo.
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Sunset shot of a beach

The beach, at sunset.
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Walkers on a mountain with snow

The WhiteWalkers, or not.
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Sunlight leaks into a forest

Pity about the tree on the right hand side, but still a cool shot.
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